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Working with RJF Designs and and Davey, Stone and Larter, G30 Consulting Ltd were commissioned to undertake the infrastructure design works a 14no. unit residential apartments off Farm Road in Barnsley.

The site previously developed as Farm Road social club presented a number of challenges with steeply sloping gradients, existing adopted drainage assets crossing the site and a number of highways constraints.

Working closely with the project team, Barnsley highways and Yorkshire Water the following works were delivered:

  • Full detailed design using Civil 3D of all private external levels to reduce retaining on site.
  • Drainage investigation works to confirm position of adopted Yorkshire Water drainage assets crossing the site.
  • Design of below ground foul and surface water drainage system to discharge to Yorkshire Water sewer

Works on site are due to commence in October 2017.


Purchase Phentermine From Canada


Woodhouse, Sheffield


RJF Designs


Start on site October 2017

Lets work together, contact us today on Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 Mg or fill out our

Cheap Phentermine Weight Loss Pills