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Buy Ionamin Phentermine, Order Phentermine Overnight

Commissioned by Westleigh Partnerships Ltd, G30 Consulting undertook the infrastructure design work for the 54no. unit affordable residential development on the former Grays Transport brownfield site off Meadow Lane, Alfreton.

The site presented a lot of challenges with a number of adopted Severn Trent Water drainage assets crossing the site including a 750mm dia. gravity combined water sewer and a 300mm dia. combined water rising main. Levels on site were also a key consideration with the site falling steeply from South to North resulting in lengthy discussions with the highway adopting authority for relaxations in highway gradients.

Working closely with the Client, Derbyshire County Council Highways and Severn Trent Water the following works were delivered:

  • Section 38 highway approval package with Derbyshire County Council Highways for the adoption of the new access road.
  • Section 104 drainage approval package with Severn Trent Water for the adoption of the new foul and surface water drainage system.
  • Section 185 drainage approval package with Severn Trent Water for the diversion of the combined water sewer crossing the site.
  • Private externals, levels and drainage package.

Works on site commenced in January 2017 with a predicted completion date of February 2018.


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February 2018

Lets work together, contact us today on Phentermine Mp273 Buy or fill out our

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