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Commissioned by Westleigh Partnerships Ltd in association with WHG Housing Association, G30 Consulting undertook the infrastructure design work for the 42no. unit affordable residential development on the former Cleveland Repairables scrap car dealership brownfield site off Park Lane, Darlaston.

Working closely with the Client, Walsall Council Highways and Severn Trent Water the following works were delivered:

  • Section 38 highway approval package with Walsall Council Highways for the adoption of the new access road.
  • Section 104 drainage approval package with Severn Trent Water for the adoption of the new foul and surface water drainage system.
  • Private externals, levels and drainage package.

Works on site are due to be complete in early 2017.


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Early 2017

Lets work together, contact us today on Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 Mg or fill out our

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