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Phentermine Hydrochloride Order Online - Cheap Phentermine Pills For Sale

Working with Wireframe Studio Ltd and Martin Evans Associates Ltd, G30 Consulting were commissioned to review the earthworks and retaining solution for a private residential development off Totley Brook Road, Dore Sheffield.

Levels on site proved challenging with existing levels falling with an average gradient of 8.5% from the north of the site towards Totley Brook Road.  At planning stage a masonry retaining wall solution had been proposed with a maximum retained height of 2.500m.

Using BIM modelling software G30 Consulting Ltd were able to model the site in 3D and by manipulating gradients across the proposed development the maximum retained height was reduced to 1.200m whilst still keeping within the constraints imposed by the Planners.


Redcar Brook Co Ltd


Dore, Sheffield


Purchase Phentermine From Canada


December 2016


Following completion of the initial view G30 Consulting Ltd’s scope of works on the project was increased to include the following works:

  • Full detailed design of all private levels highlighting areas of retaining and maximum retained heights. Input into the retaining solution was also given.
  • Design of adoptable site entrance to Sheffield Council highways standards.
  • Design of below ground surface water drainage system to discharge to onsite open watercourse. Remediation strategy to the watercourse was also advised.
  • Design of below ground foul water drainage system to discharge to Yorkshire Water sewer in Totley Brook Road under a Section 106 application.

Works were completed on site in December 2016.

Lets work together, contact us today on Buying Phentermine Online or fill out our

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